Apply or Renew Business License Online

Effective Monday July 24, 2017, the City of Clayton is pleased to now offer the public the capability to apply for and renew business licenses online. The City’s business license portal can be found on the City’s website at and follows an intuitive and step-by-step instruction method to walk you through your business license needs.

First time business license applicant in the City of Clayton? Just click “Apply” and you will be instructed on how to register your business’ account. If you are renewing your business license, your renewal notice will include your business license account number and a unique pin number. Just click “Renew” and you will be instructed on how to renew your account online.

Want to go green and hand all future business license matters online? Please remember to select “Go Paperless” during the registration process. Thereafter you can change important business information, pay renewals and even receive your license electronically.