City Departments


To be of exemplary service to the Clayton community with an emphasis on:

•           Health and safety

•           Highly trained team of employees

•           Responsive customer service

•           A cooperative work environment



•           Courtesy                                 •           Creativity

•           Diversity                               •           Employee Participation

•           Ethical Behavior                    •           Fiscal Responsibility

•           Inclusiveness                         •           Informed Risk Taking

•           Open Communication          •           Professionalism

•           Trustworthiness        



The City of Clayton organization will be recognized as a premier small city. Customer service will be our hallmark; organizational processes will be a model of efficiency and effectiveness; innovation will be common place; and excellence of work product will be the norm. The employees will enjoy their work environment, and each will be a valued and respected member in his or her field of work. All residents and the City Council will be proud of their City government.