Community Development


The City of Clayton Community Development Department office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., excluding major holidays. The Department may be reached by telephone at (925) 673-7340; the fax line is (925) 672-4917.   Additionally, you may e-mail Milan Sikela, Assistant Planner (available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) at or Mindy Gentry, Community Development Director at

Long Range Planning and Special Studies Program

  • Prepares and updates Town Center Specific Plan, and the Marsh Creek Road Specific Plan, and state-mandated General Plan which includes the Housing Element.
  • Prepares studies to update City policies in response to changes in State law, resource availability, and community goals.
  • Facilitates public participation and community involvement in planning issues.
  • Participates in development and review of regional studies prepared by ABAG, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and TRANSPAC.
  • Supports City Council in addressing regional governance and planning issues.

Development and Design Review Program

  • Reviews, analyzes, and provides recommendations on land development and design proposals by private property owners and governmental agencies.
  • Provides support to City Council and Planning Commission.
  • Reviews land development plans for compliance with City zoning requirements.
  • Coordinates with County Building Inspection Department on building permits for construction projects.
  • Administers environmental review process in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Ordinance Information and Code Enforcement Program

  • Provides zoning information and permit services at the public counter.
  • Investigates and enforces zoning and land use complaints.
  • Prepares amendments of zoning ordinance and zoning map.

Housing Program

  • Administers the low-and moderate-income housing programs in the City.
  • Ensures low-and moderate-income units remain available to qualified applicants upon sale of units.