Forms & Fees

Community Development Department Forms and Fees

The following forms will need to be printed before completing them. Submit completed forms to:

City of Clayton
Community Development Department
6000 Heritage Trail
Clayton, CA 94517
Department hours are: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

If you have questions about the processing fees call the Community Development Department at:
925-673-7340 or e-mail: (Available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).     If you have any trouble accessing the forms, please call the City at (925) 673-7300 or e-mail


Forms and Applications

1.   Annexation Application

2.   Appeal of Planning Commission Decision

3.   Appeal of an Administrative Decision

4.   Community Development General Application Form

5.   Development Plan Permit Application

6.   Evironmental Information Form

7.   General Plan Amendment Application

8.   Home Occupation Permit- Administrative Review

9.   Home Occupation Permit- Planning Commission Review

10. Large Family Day Care Home Permit

11. Lot Line Adjustment/ Lot Merger Application

12. Noise Permit Application

13. Second Dwelling Unit Permit

14. Sign Permit Application

15. Site Plan Review Permit

16. Specific Plan Amendment Application

17. Temporary Storage Permit Application

18. Temporary Use Permit Application

19. Tentative Map Application

20. Tentative Parcel Map Application

21. Tree Removal Permit Application

22. Use Permit Application

23. Use Permit Application for Fences

24. Variance Application

25. Water Conservation Forms

Fee Information

  1. Community Development Fee Schedule
  2. Development Impact Fees
  3. Development Project Processing and Construction Fees