The City’s Maintenance Department has five full time employees and uses seasonal part time employees to help maintain the city. The department maintains approximately 35 acres of landscaping, 14 acres of parks, 80,000 square feet of public buildings, 1,000 Streetlights, over 1,000 street signs, 84 miles of streets and markings, 575 catch basins, 500 acres of open space with 25 miles of trails, 10 miles of v-ditches, and 10 miles of creeks. The department performs the following duties:

Trimming all landscaping along roadways and right ways
Weed control in landscaping
Landscape replacement
Repairs irrigation
Coordinates contractor for repairs and installation of landscape
Reviews plans for new landscape construction

BUILDING MAINTENANCEMinor repairs to buildings
Maintain lighting
Trouble shooting electrical systems
Coordinates contractors for cleaning and repair of buildings
Coordinates and sets up for meetings at city facilities

PARKSTrash pick-up bi-weekly
Mow turf bi-monthly
Trims landscape
Repairs facilities and grounds
Repairs irrigation
Coordinates with sport leagues for use of facilities

Striping all road markings
Installation or replacement of road signs
Repair sidewalks
Patch potholes
Repair streetlights
Yearly inspection and clean out of catch basins city wide

Mow open space for fire protection
Yearly cleaning of V-ditches citywide
Yearly inspection and cleaning of creeks

The City of Clayton Maintenance Department operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., excluding major holidays. The Department may be reached by telephone at (925) 673-7327 or by e-mailing the supervisor, Mark Janney.