Public Works & Engineering


Clayton’s Engineering Department, located at 1401 Willow Pass Road, Suite 500, Concord, provides engineering support to the various City departments by performing many of the tasks required to ensure an efficient City operation. The Department’s duties can be divided into three basic categories: administrative, capital improvements, and land development. Specific duties are listed below.

  • Administration of the City’s encroachment permit program as well as the Geological Hazard Abatement District and various Assessment Districts;
  • Coordination with the Maintenance Department regarding maintenance, operations and the repair of public facilities;
  • Enforcement and continuous update of the City’s Standard Plans and Specifications for design and construction;
  • Enforcement of City’s Stormwater Management Program;
  • Representation of the City’s interests in regional transportation and funding issues;
  • Flood plain administration including responses to flood zone information requests.

Capital Improvements

  • Administration of the City’s Capital Improvements Program, including coordination with the City Manager; evaluation and prioritization of Capital Improvement Projects; procurement of funds; right-of-way and land acquisition; and administration of the public bidding process;
  • Administration of the City’s Pavement Management System;
  • Supervision of the design and construction of all street and infrastructure projects, including sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems.

Land Development

  • Coordination with the Planning Department in the review and approval process for all land development projects;
  • Plan checking and review of construction plans, collection of fees, and construction inspection for all private development and improvements thereto.

The City of Clayton Engineering Department operates Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. The Department may be reached by telephone at (925) 969-8181 or by e-mailing Scott D. Alman, P.E..