Adopt a Trail

This is the inaugural year of the Clayton Adopt-a-Trail program.  The program aims to:


·                    Augment financing provided by Measure B

·                    Provide a venue for volunteers to help Clayton maintain and enhance its trail network

·                    Make the trails cleaner

·                    Celebrate the sponsors and volunteers that help Clayton keep the trail network one of the distinguishing characteristics of our community

·                    Foster civic pride through volunteerism, philanthropy, and cleanliness


The Trails and Landscape Committee has initially identified 11 trail segments to adopt.  Each segment can have two adopters: a financial adopter and a clean-up adopter.   Besides paying the annual fee ($1,000 for financial adopters and $200 for clean-up adopters), clean-up groups must identify a leader/contact person and complete the attached form.  Markers are installed at the time a financial sponsor is found for that trail segment.


Segments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  Adopters wanting recognition on the trail markers must also provide information that conforms to the city design specs for the markers.


Up to 10 T-shirts will be provided to each clean-up group.


If you are interested in participating in this program or would like additional information please leave your contact information on the Adopt – A – Trail Hot Line at 673- 7369, and a Committee member will return your call.


Adopt a Trail Application