Dog Park

The Dog Park is located adjacent to Marsh Creek Road, North of Regency Drive, across from the Community Park.

Dog Park History

In 1995, the Clayton Community Service Commission conducted a survey that included a question about a potential off leash dog park. They found that there was a 61% support for such a park.

In 1997, the City received the first request for an off leash dog park. In 2000 the City granted approval of the current dog park site, agreeing to install fencing, benches, a table and waste receptacles.

The City stated that it was not in a position to provide water to the dog park. A group of local residents established the Clayton K-9 Coalition in order to raise funds necessary to provide water to the park.

In 2003, at a cost of over $15,000, the Clayton K-9 Coalition installed the water meter. Additional funds were necessary for the installation of the water line and drinking fountain – and in June 2005 this task was completed.

In April 2005, an Eagle Scout Project was completed that provided an arbor shade structure over the picnic table.

In the fall of 2014, the Eagle Scouts completed three major projects for the park including a new shade arbor, a new sign and bulletin board and a mud prevention projection.  These three projects have added so much to our dog park and we are so grateful to the Eagle Scouts for their continued support.

In December of 2014, the Eagle Scouts self funded a project that installed two new park benches in our park.

Benefits of Dog Parks
Off lease dog parks are for people who own dogs, and provide a wonderful opportunity for dog owners to socialize with other dog owners, while providing healthy exercise and socialization for their pets.

Dog parks help prevent off-leash dogs from infringing on the rights of others by giving the dogs a safe place to run and play off leash.

Studies show that dogs that exercise and are allowed to run freely are not as aggressive toward people or other animals as dogs that are under-exercised.

Dog barking is at the top of the list of complaints to Sheriff and Police Departments around the country. Dog parks provide a socially acceptable outlet for the dogs and they bark less.

Benefits to the dog owner include providing a legal, safe environment for owners to experience the pleasure of watching their dogs play and interact with other dogs. This contributes to the overall mental and physical health of people by encouraging them to exercise with their dogs.

Current Objectives
Current short-term goals include planting of shade trees in 2005/2006. Long term goals include a small dog area within the park and play structures for both big and small dog areas.  Help is needed to maintain the park in areas of weed abatement and the spreading of wood chips.

You can help by donating your time, and/or by sending your tax deductible donations to Clayton K-9 Coalition at P.O. Box 21, Clayton, CA 94517 and/or by clicking here.

For more information on how to help, call 672-9710.

Park Rules– Open sunrise to sunset.
– No smoking.
– No dumping trash.
– Please pick up after pets.[lg_gallery]