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Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is a program under the direction of the Clayton Police Department and coordinated with the Department’s Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS).

The Neighborhood Watch Program is intended to prevent crime in our neighborhoods. Our Neighborhood Watch Program is intended to be presented to Homeowner Associations and local neighborhood groups wanting to reduce crime. Presentations are also available to citizen groups within the City such as church groups, schools groups and other organizations wishing to learn how to improve the security of their homes, how to report a crime, reporting of suspicious activity, and other related subjects.

Home security is a major topic and a twelve minute video is presented during the one and half hour presentation. Using the video our VIPS will discuss such subjects as landscaping, exterior lighting, use of locks, proper use of dead bolts and the ability to identify your property should property be lost or stolen.

The VIPS can also perform a Home Security Check to identify areas within your home which could lead to an opportunity for a criminal to break in and enter your property. Another discussion topic covered in our program is identify theft. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country. There are various steps we can take, as citizens, to reduce the opportunity for others to steal our identity. How we handle our mail, receipts, and the use of social security numbers is discussed in the presentation. The ability to obtain more than one free credit report in a twelve month period is also discussed.

Schedule a Home Security Check or Neighborhood Watch meeting with your neighborhood by contacting the Clayton Police Department, at (925) 673-7350. Our VIPS look forward to meeting with you and your group in an effort to prevent crime in our area and to improve our quality of life!