Parking Permit Program NOW 24/7 on Regency & Rialto Dr.

The City is temporarily extending the Parking Permit Program on Regency Dr. and Rialto Dr. (from Sat./Sun.) to every day 24/7 until the Shelter-In-Place order is lifted. City crews are on site today placing temporary signage.

The City will work with your neighborhood through this new and temporary transition. If you need assistance, please call the non-emergency # (see below). Since the County Public Health Officer declared a Shelter-In-Place order on March 16, 2020, there has been an increase in vehicle traffic to Regency and Rialto Drives during the weekdays. Residents have complained that this increase in vehicle traffic has led to negative impacts on quality of life, as well as health and safety issues. Residents have stated that large numbers of people (+100 per day) are frequenting this area to access Mt. Diablo State Park, putting the community’s health and safety at risk. The complaints include large numbers of people not practicing social distancing and frequent littering.

While the Shelter-In-Place order allows people to exercise outdoors, they are strongly encouraged to do so in their own neighborhoods and cities to prevent the spread of the virus and to flatten the curve. The order prohibits unnecessary travel and allows law enforcement to cite accordingly.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as the City will work with you through this new and temporary transition. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please call our non-emergency line at 925-673-7350